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Raspberry Ripple Productions

Raspberry Ripple is a Disability Led theatre company, formed to address what we see as an enormous hole in the mainstream performing arts.

In Australia, people with disability are rarely seen on our stages and screens, and when a person with a disability is portrayed, the character is invariably played by an able-bodied actor.

At Raspberry Ripple we aim to change this. We aim to be instrumental in creating a pathway into the mainstream for disabled performers.


Our mission is to create theatre of a professional standard using disabled performers, writers, directors, designers, producers and technical artists.

At our productions able-bodied and disabled performers will work together, adding fresh dimension to classic and contemporary text, and creating bold new material.

We will build a truly inclusive rehearsal process, which celebrates the deliciousness of diversity.  


In this atmosphere, writers with disability will be valued, and empowered to share their point of view, showing relationships between disabled and able-bodied people which have never before been articulated on stage.

Together, we will debunk the Myth of Perfection!

NB: Raspberry Ripple = Cockney rhyming slang for 'cripple'

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